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PostSubject: GENERAL RULES   Sun Jul 24, 2016 2:10 pm

1. All game times and days are played on Sunday to Thursday at 7:45PM and 8:45PM all EST, we are trying to be a LG friendly league, cause we know most of you play in LG and we want to give you time to get your game in here and get to LG...

2. Home team is to send the challenge to the visiting team at the quarter to mark or the game. you MAY start earlier i both teams agree on it.

3. Grace time to get the game started is 10 minutes, so if your gme has NOT started by the 5 minuutes til mark then the team causng the delay will forfeit the game...
***** 3.1. A team can ask for time to get a player in game, but must notify the opposing team at the quarter til mark..
3.2 Rules for starting late....
If your team asks for time and starts between 1 minute late to 4 minutes late, NO penalty is to be taken...

If your team starts between 5 minutes late to 9 minutes lte your MUST take a penalty at start of game...

4. All games must be 6v6 you may not play a game with only 5 players playing.

5. You are allowed to reschedule a game, but your team is limited to 3 reschedules per season. If you reschedule a game take a picture of the chat to show proof that both agree on it, then notify the stats commissioner about the game being rescheduled...
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