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PostSubject: LAG OUTS and CONNECTION ISSUES   Sun Jul 24, 2016 2:43 pm

[color=#006600]1 If a player is unable to connect at start of game then game must restart with no penalties being taken.

2 During game play either a player or goalie lags out you must follow these rules...

PLAYER..... If a player lags out you play til the end of the period then everyone backs out (dont forget to get pics for stats...) restart the game to play whatever periods need to be played and the team that had the player lag out MUST take a penalty....

GOALIE..... If a goalie lags out you play til the next whistle however it is to get a whistle. everyone backs out (dont forget pics for stats) then you restart the game each team stands around til 10 seconds til when the stoppage in play the team with the lag out flips puck out of play for penalty and then play is resumed to finish game...
HOWEVER if the team that had a lag out takes a penalty to get a whistle then that team MUST take 2 penalties.....

3. as stated about player lag outs if it happens in the 3rd then your team plays without that player or remainder of game and cannot come back unless it goes into OT, then you must follow above rules

4. Also if a player lags out, and the team that does NOT have the lag out player takes a penalty within the last 4 minutes left in the period then at restart no penalties are to be takenby either team... /color]
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